The sale of steam mops is increasing day by day as it reduces the cleaning time and reduces your workload. Having a look at the best steam mops will give you a better understanding of the popular models available in the market and help you answer the question, “What is the best steam mop?”. Since there are wide varieties of steam mops available it is up to you to do some research to find the model which would best fit you. states how important it is to have a clean house without germs for a better living.

The size of the house plays a vital role in choosing the steam mop. If you have a bigger size house, then you should buy a mop with a bigger tank in it. If you don’t purchase a mop with a larger tank, then you may end up running back and forth to the tap to refill them. There is variety of cleaning pads available starting from microfiber to scrubbing pads which clean the micro dust. Some models have only one pad included with them, and few models can use different types of cleaning pads.

There are exclusive attachments to use on carpets. This can be utilized just for making the carpet look fresh and to remove the smaller stains, but when the carpet is soiled more, then you may need a commercial or heavy duty steam cleaner to solve the purpose.

When there is a disturbance while you are moping then leaving the mop unattended on the cleaning surface may damage the floor, so it is better to buy a pad-rest to land the mop when not in use. This is an optional attachment and is not mandatory.

A few models have telescopic wands which are height adjustable. This will prevent you from bending too much to see the dirt. Many models don’t have wires long enough to reach the power point. In such cases, it is better to have an extension cord handy to reach out the corners.