In the present scenario, most people have an opinion that direct marketing is not effective as the digital marketing. Selectabase, which is a UK business that provides consumer address lists. It has found that there is 4.4 percentage of response rate in direct marketing and emails have 1.2 percentage of response rate.

It is simple to perform a direct mail marketing campaign if you plan and prepare the procedure in advance. Here are some of the important tools required for direct mail marketing.


Informational booklets or brochures have a short shelf life. It is usually available in tri and bi-folds. It not only provides great information about the company but also contains enough space to describe tariffs, features, prices, offers, etc. along with the images. For instance, a home improvement shop brochure can be mailed to the customers by targeting by location or purchasing activity.

The brochure should contain information regarding the latest models, pictures, prices, offer prices and much more. It will remain attractive if the brochure has multiple folds. In the same way, a pizza store can mail a brochure regarding their latest pizzas, pictures of lip smacking and dripping cheese pizzas.

You can also add discount vouchers along with the brochure so that you can know which part of the customer has received the brochure and note down the response. Customers who have received the brochure will visit the pizza store to exchange their discount voucher. It is one of the best ways to attract customers and make them buy from a shop or store.


The postcards may look tiny and handy, but it can bring hundreds of customers to a store. The majority of direct mailing companies use postcards to attract the customers. It is necessary to add informative contents in the postcards for better response.