Have you ever wondered what the difference between gold plated and solid gold jewelry and have felt confused on which one to choose from is? We will give you an overview of what to expect from both gold plated and solid gold jewelry. IF you have an eye on the teeth grillz then search for My Grillz online to see how it looks when you wear them in your mouth before ordering one for yourself.

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Solid Gold 24K karat gold is made of pure gold. You can quickly figure out if it is pure gold or not by seeing the 24k stamp embossed in it. As the number of karats goes down the percentage of gold in it also gets reduced. When it is said that the gold jewelry is 18K or 14K gold, then it means they are made of gold but contains other metals like copper to make the jewelry strong.

Gold Plated Jewelry When metals like brass have a thin outer layer of gold covered, then they are said to be gold plated jewelry. This is usually done with the help of electricity and other chemicals to make the gold settle down on the metal. This kind of jewelry may look like gold but not made of complete gold.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Gold Jewelry Gold is very flexible and can be easily bent. Gold by its nature is soft and easily workable. When you have an idea of making gold rings, then gold is not the right option as they don’t stay stable for a long time when compared to the other metals.

You would have seen attractive designs in gold plated jewelry but would have refrained yourself from buying them thinking that you need to compromise on the quality of the patterns. Gold plated jewelry is much stronger and can be used for everyday use as it can withstand much longer than pure gold. Solid gold jewelry is very costly and precious. The gold plated ones are cheaper than gold jewelry. On the flip side, the gold jewelry has a longer lifetime and stays the same way without any change in color for years together. This is because they have more resistance. The underlying metal in the gold jewelry will fade over the years and make the exterior color go away of not properly maintained and cleaned.

Which Is Better For You? Based on what you expect from the jewelry will be the decision maker. For example, we can compare the teeth grillz made of gold which is famous for the hip hop industry. Gold teeth have to be customized based on the shape of a person’s mouth. The shape of teeth fitting one person may not fit the other person perfectly. Placing the gold grillz in your mouth and having it pure may be a challenge. There are more possibilities of the acids and moistness in the mouth damaging the jewelry.