Bible scholar Nathan Shepard has spoken about survive the days, and it speaks about how to handle the various situations that arise during the time of disasters. Nathan has done research in the Bible about the final day of the world and has concluded that the year 2017 will be the end. He has highlighted the latest disasters that have led to many life losses as it supports his view. He has released a guide where the important points related to the survival are detailed.

The guide provides information that will help human to survive toxic gasses, shield electronics from EMP, avoid spoiling of the life factors, and so on. This is a guide that is written completely from a Christian viewpoint. This guide will equip people to survive different types of disasters that might occur at the end. Even the worst scenarios can be handled by the people if they have mastered this guide in a proper manner.

There are some disadvantages related to this work, and the first one is there is no proof that all the prophecies come true. Even if they come true, it cannot be told that all the people who read this guide will be able to survive. A fear element will be introduced into the mind of the people who read this type of survival guides as it talks about death. People with a strong mind only can take things positively else, it will lead to unnecessary fear.

Some people even state this guide as a very crude joke. However, the people who are interested in knowing the different survival skills find this book as a very good source of knowledge. This guide is simple and understandable. Hence, it is preferred by many people. In case, a disaster happens, then each and every point in this guide will prove to be very valuable.