One of the bestselling courses of the year 100k Factory is here again for people who missed it in the earlier sale. Interested people will be getting another chance to bring this amazing product home in March 2016. Beta testing results will also be published, and a lucky draw will be conducted. The one person who will win randomly will get a chance to do the beta testing. Similar to the original version, 100k Factory v2 is built on the same principles. However, the way a person reaches to the end result will be different. These end results are nothing but the money that you generate after filling up your brain with necessary knowledge from this software. You will get new ideas about selling any physical product through your e-commerce website in the best possible way. It will provide a very profitable, fast and scalable methodology. This uniqueness is important as it will help us attract more potential customers. The second version to be released will focus on the power where you can sell physical goods without keeping a lot of inventory at hand. It is like without bringing any money down, and the item will be shipped from China to the customer directly. This is the first phase of the system. Low cost ads and exceptionally high conversions are the next steps portrayed in this new version. Without 100k Factory, many people would have faced difficulty in doing their online business. It has made it easier to a far greater extent than ever before. Become ready to grab your copy of the product this year. You may not get the same opportunity always. Site setup, product selection, and testing are also very important that are further explained in this product tutorial. As we are getting closer to the launch, its founders will be releasing more interesting information about it.